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Laugh Index Theatre

Laugh Index Theatre
916 G Street North West

About us:

At Laugh Index Theatre (LIT), we're passionate about comedy and creating an environment that's positive, inclusive and that develops our community and players.  Laugh Index started in 2011 as a producer of comedy variety shows with an emphasis on long-form improv and with its improv troupe, Hot & Sweaty, as its headliner.  By June 2013, Laugh Index had its own improv festival.  Now as Laugh Index Theatre, LIT offers a house team training program for improvisers, associate program, comedy classes program, shows, festival, corporate training, and workshops for anyone ready to exercise their funny bones.

 We believe that anyone can be funny and that the funny can come from anywhere.  Our philosophy is evident in our shows which showcase a variety of players, talent and comedy.  Our classes program offers specialized training for all your comedic needs.  With regard to our own company players' development, we strive to be more than just improvisers -- we're comedians, creatives, artists, teachers, directors.  We go wherever our comedic talents take us.  

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